Understanding How Services are Offered

  • We reserve the right to refuse service without further comments to whom ever we choose.
  • State issued picture identification documentation may be required.
  • The minimum service time is one hour. After 15 minutes of work an additional 30 minute segment is charged.
  • Clients located beyond the first 30 miles from Interstate 80, Antelope Exit 100 at 6520 Antelope Rd Citrus Heights CA, measured with Google Maps will be charged an additional hour of service.
  • Once the technician is on site, cancelling services before they are completed does not wave the service fee. Charges apply up-to cancellation time.
  • For hardware repairs only local, in-store parts are considered and work on walls or structures will NOT be performed. Examples of such work would be laying Ethernet wire or installing wall-mounts or cabinets.
  • The installation of commercial software requires, that proof of purchase such as the software license and activation keys be provided.
  • Data integrity on various storage mediums such as hard-drives or disks cannot be guarantied due to data corruption from preexisting software and hardware conditions.
  • The client has seven business days from date of completion to report service related dissatisfaction or malfunctions.
  • Accidents or malfunctions arising due to the owners lack of operating knowledge don’t justify refunds or re-servicing.
  • We accept Cash, Credit & Debit Cards and reserve the right to refuse Checks. Payment is due upon completion of service.

All who ask for help automatically agree to these Service Terms and Conditions.


What if my problem returns? What if it's not fixed completely?

You have seven days to report any service related concerns. We will go over it together, see if it's caused by the original concern and try to resolve the issue.

I don't have a software License/Key. I used one of the licenses my friend shared with me.

Commercial copyrighted software will only be installed with a license or software key. You can always get in touch with your friend again, and ask or we could look for a open-source choice.

A typical example is a home & office version of Microsoft Office that students sometime share. If such a license cannot be found I'd rather suggest LibreOffice.org instead.